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Dominican Republic Residence Permit

It doesn’t matter if you are moving to the Dominican Republic with a Tourist Card or a business visa. If your stay exceeds two months, you need to apply for a residence permit (Visa de Residencia). To do so, you need to submit the application in advance to a consulate of the Dominican Republic with the following, but be awar following up with Dominican Republic Visa and Residency Permit procedures can be costly, frustrating and time consuming. You should hire a competent lawyer or contact our Corcons office which specializes in immigration and naturalization. All foreign documents must be notarized and translated into Spanish. Also, both the original and the translation must be apostilled:
  • visa form
  • frontal picture (2×2 inches, with a white background)
  • passport valid for the duration of the visa or longer
  • medical certificate
  • criminal record certificate from your country of residence at the time of application (not required for minors)
  • photocopy of national identity document from your country of nationality, as well as a photocopy of your Residence Card if you’re residing in a second country
  • birth certificate.

You will also need to bring a notarized letter of guarantee signed by a Dominican or a legal resident in the Dominican Republic specifying their relationship to you. This person must guarantee to pay any expenses involved in your move to the Dominican Republic should you be unable to do so. The letter of guarantee must be signed by a notary of the Dominican Republic and legalized by the Attorney General’s Office of the Dominican Republic.

Also, you will need a visa application letter from you addressed to the Consular Section containing your name, nationality, place of residence, and occupation, as well as information on your reasons for moving to the Dominican Republic, e.g. employment, retirement, for a Dominican husband or wife, etc.

Last but not least, you need documents showing your financial solvency. All documents must be issued for you and NOT your guarantor. These documents may include:

  • letter from your bank, with details of account balances
  • copies of titles of property (must show original)
  • registration of established companies
  • copy of your last tax return
  • copy of financial certificates
  • letter of employment, or proof of pension

After submitting all documents to the Dominican consulate or embassy in your country, you need to hand in all paperwork again to the foreign ministry (Cancillerìa) in Santo Domingo upon moving to the Dominican Republic. Please keep in mind that you might have to submit additional documents, e.g. a marriage certificate, if you are moving with your family, if your spouse is a citizen of the Dominican Republic, or if you have relatives in the Dominican Republic.

Please be prepared that the requirements can change daily. You should get legal help.

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